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380W and 445W UK panels delivery to Caribbean area.
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380W and 445W UK panels delivery to Caribbean area.

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Cooperation between NANTONG GAMKO NEW ENERGY CO.,LTD and British customer, 380W and 445W panels delivery to Caribbean area.

Victoria, an old customer in UK we have cooperated with for many years. They have customers from all over the world and are one of the large solar panel wholesalers in the UK.

They have their own solar panel brand, which is well-known and trusted by customers.

We have been doing OEM solar panels for customers, making customer logo and carton design.

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In the process of cooperation, we found that the customer sold a wide variety of solar panel to his customers, ranging from 100W small pv panels to 550W large panels. Our company produces 20-710W mono and poly solar panels, which can cover all the needs of customers.

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In addition, the number of solar panels sold by customers is different, sometimes several pallets, sometimes several containers, and there will also be sample orders. No matter how many quantity customer place the order, we will take every order seriously and provide high-quality of solar panels to customers.

Sometimes customers have urgent orders, we will prioritize production to meet the customer's delivery requirements, so that customers have better reputation.

The customer's final customer may be in Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, or anywhere in the world. Over the years, we have worked hard to cooperate with customers to do variouscertifications, such as Soncap certification in Nigeria, COI certification in Egypt and so on. As long as customers have needs, we will do our best to cooperate with customers,help customers solve various problems, make our customer satisfied.

When our customer encounters the problem of unreliable freight forwarder, we push our own freight forwarder to the customer, so that the customer can directly contact our freight forwarder, whether it is EXW, FOB, or CIF TERM, we will 100% cooperate with the customer, let customers have a better experience and more choices.

In the past few years of cooperation, the solar panels we have provided didn't have any customer complaint. The customer is very satisfied with us and plans to visit us in China in next few month. We have sent an invitation letter to the customer and look forward to the customer coming. This meeting will make us know each other better, trust each other more, and bring more opportunities for our cooperation.

We believe that as long as we trust and support each other, we will be able to achieve a win-win result.

About GAMKO:

In the field of solar panels, we have been deeply involved in the field for 8 years. We have fully automatic production lines, strict quality control, and the investment in upstream materials gives us a 5%-10% cost advantage. In addition, we also provide various financial services, such as letters of credit. , through the third-party payment service of Alibaba and Made in China. In terms of quality control, we also accept third-party pre-shipment inspections. Customer concerns are always our first consideration.

From 156, 158, 166 to 182, 210 cells, the cells have been updated. We usually use LONGI's solar cells. As one of the best companies in the industry, the power and efficiency of LONGI's solar cells are very stable. Solar cells are the core of the solar panel, it can provide the best power and power generation effect. We updated our panels from 20W-710W, we can provide all kinds of solar panels to our customers, not only normal silver panels, but also full black solar panels, bifacial solar panels, double glass solar panels, flexible solar panels and foldable solar panels.

Our solar panels are used in grid-connected and off-grid systems, we mainly focus on 5kw, 10kw, 30kw, 50kw grid-connected systems, and we also have experience in grid-connected systems of more than 1MW. For off-grid systems, we mainly do household off-grid systems, such as 1kw-30kw. We have more than 5 years of experience in photovoltaic systems, and we can provide you with Various free designs and solutions.

I am very grateful to my customers for their trust and cooperation opportunities with GAMKO. If you have similar needs, no matter whether you cooperate or not, I hope to bring you more and better working experience.

Payment method: TT,LC, MIC STS, ALIBABA ENSURE PAYMENT, PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, Money Gram, West Union etc.

Quality assurance: Zurich Quality Insurance, third party inspection by SGS etc, Inspection report, flash and EL test report. 30 years warranty.

Please feel free to contact me, I will provide you brochures, technical data sheets, certificates etc all the documents. Most importantly, I will provide you with the best price.

Contact:  Bella Feng

Mail:  sales5@gamkoenergy.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel:  +86 18762471583


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