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550W mono solar panel 96cells to Australia
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550W mono solar panel 96cells to Australia

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Cooperation between NANTONG GAMKO NEW ENERGY CO.,LTD and Australian customers George

Meeting with Australian customer George, getting to know each other and reaching a cooperation is destined to our fate.

In 2022, George had an inquiry with us, but due to various reasons, we did not reach a cooperation. Knowing that customers have come to Shanghai Exhibition 2023, we know that this is the time to show our sincerity.

After further communication, we learned that the customer is a wholesaler in Australia, mainly engaged in off-grid systems, and the solar panel prefers the type of 550W 96cell. After discussing product requirements, quality, price and delivery date with the customer, we reached an agreement Unanimous opinion, we are fortunate to be one of the solar panel suppliers trusted by customers.

In addition to producing high-quality products, we also try our best to improve ourselves in terms of service, design nameplates and cartons for customers, we provide free OEM service, and try our best to make customers satisfied.

In terms of the container packing method, we conducted an in-depth analysis with the customer, and the customer also provided us with a lot of ideas and help. In the end, we packed and loaded the container according to the agreed optimal method.


After the production of solar panels was completed, we sent photos to the customer as soon as possible. After packaging and loading, we also provided packaging and loading photos to ensure that customers can get the situation of  the progress of the order from customer place the order and delivery the goods, so that customers have more trust in us for the first cooperation.


We believe that this is just the beginning of cooperation with customers. With mutual support, we will have more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

About GAMKO:

In the field of solar panels, we have been deeply involved in the field for 8 years. We have fully automatic production lines, strict quality control, and the investment in upstream materials gives us a 5%-10% cost advantage. In addition, we also provide various financial services, such as letters of credit. , through the third-party payment service of Alibaba and Made in China. In terms of quality control, we also accept third-party pre-shipment inspections. Customer concerns are always our first consideration.

The 550W solar panel is the main product purchased by the customer. It uses 158.75MM cells and 96 cells in series. We usually use LONGI's solar cells. As one of the best companies in the industry, the power and efficiency of LONGI's solar cells are very stable. Solar cells It is the core of the solar panel, which can provide the best power and power generation effect.

In addition, we also choose Fumao's high-performance EVA, "Zhonglai" backplane, aluminum alloy frame with a thickness of more than 1.3MM, 3.2MM ultra-white coated tempered glass, high-performance junction box that meets TUV certification, Silica gel, etc. In terms of packaging, we use composite board pallets, thickened corrugated boxes, and strong packaging to meet the safety requirements of long-distance sea transportation.

Our solar panels are mainly used for grid-connected and off-grid systems. The Australian market is mainly for off-grid systems. There are also differences in the use of solar panels. The maximum input current of MPPT for grid-connected inverters is 13A-20A, all 550W and 600W solar panels made of 166MM, 182MM and 210MM solar cells can be used, but the maximum input current of most inverters in off-grid systems is still 10A, and all solar panels used in off-grid systems are best to use 156MM And solar panels made of 158MM solar cells, so that the maximum value of a single current does not exceed 10A.

This is why we recommend using our 156MM and 158MM solar panels for all off-grid scenarios. Professional choices can allow you to use the least money to get the most benefits.

In the selection of photovoltaic cables, we recommend using 4 square millimeter photovoltaic cables. If there are many parallel connections, use 6 square and 10 square DC cables. We have more than 5 years of experience in photovoltaic systems, and we can provide you with Various free designs and solutions.

I am very grateful to my customers for their trust and cooperation opportunities with GAMKO. If you have similar needs, no matter whether you cooperate or not, I hope to bring you more and better working experience.

Payment method: TT,LC, MIC STS, ALIBABA ENSURE PAYMENT, PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, Money Gram, West Union etc.

Quality assurance: Zurich Quality Insurance, third party inspection by SGS etc, Inspection report, flash and EL test report. 30 years warranty.

Please feel free to contact me, I will provide you brochures, technical data sheets, certificates etc all the documents. Most importantly, I will provide you with the best price.

Contact:  Bella Feng

Mail:  sales5@gamkoenergy.com

Whatsapp/wechat/tel:  +86 18762471583



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