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Cooperation Again with Romanian Customer Mihai 380W, 410W and 460W Solar Panel
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Cooperation Again with Romanian Customer Mihai 380W, 410W and 460W Solar Panel

Views: 0     Author: Cathy      Publish Time: 2023-09-23      Origin: Nantong Gamko New Energy


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Cooperation Again with Romanian Customer Mihai 380W, 410W and 460W Solar Panel

Something happened some time ago, which delayed the update of many articles. I'm very sorry. 

This delivery news is for September 19th.


I met Mihai in September last year, almost exactly one year ago.

Suddenly one day, a customer added me on my WeChat. He briefly introduced himself and started asking about our solar panels. 

I knew at that time that this customer must be a real buyer with needs, and I also learned that they are a local company that has been operating for many years and specializes in selling solar panels. I like Mihai's simplicity and directness in speaking and his efficiency in doing things. We also speak with facts, respond promptly, and do our best to meet Mihai's requirements. Within around fifteen days, Mihai quickly placed the order for us. Really thanks his trust. After the first order, we also maintained communication and contact. I thought that the second cooperation would come soon, but I learned through the customer that he not only purchased from us, but also purchased solar panels from many companies, and the inventory was still there. There are a lot of them, and the market in Romania is actually a bit saturated with solar panels. Later, everyone also knew that the price of solar panels had plummeted during this period, which also caused a big blow to their sales. There is a huge difference between the price in September 2022 and the price in September 2023.


The second collaboration finally officially started almost a year later.

Here are some photos of our 380W, 410W, 460W mono solar panels.

380W 01


410W 02


460W 01


410W 03

The 380W, we use the 166mm solar cells, the efficiency of the solar panel is higher than 158mm solar cells.

The 410W and 460W, we use the 182mm solar cells.


Here are some photos of the delivery, you can also see the video.




We will stand in the customer's shoes and recommend more efficient and suitable solar panels to them to win more customers for them.


We know that only if we provide high-quality products with competitive prices can we better support our new and old customers. We are very grateful to Mihai for trusting us. We will continue to support each other and achieve mutual benefit and win-win!


About GAMKO:

Here is the BV Factory Report From Alibaba.


We updated our panels from 20W-710W, we can provide all kinds of solar panels to our customers, not only normal silver panels, but also full black solar panels, bifacial solar panels, double glass solar panels, flexible solar panels and foldable solar panels.


Our solar panels are used in grid-connected and off-grid systems, we mainly focus on 5kw, 10kw, 30kw, 50kw grid-connected systems, and we also have experience in grid-connected systems of more than 1MW. For off-grid systems, we mainly do household off-grid systems, such as 1kw-30kw. We have more than 5 years of experience in photovoltaic systems, and we can provide you with Various free designs and solutions.


I am very grateful to my customers for their trust and cooperation opportunities with GAMKO. If you have similar needs, no matter whether you cooperate or not, I hope to bring you more and better working experience.

Contact Person: Cathy Zhou

Email: sales5@solargamko.com

Whatsapp/ wechat/ phone: +86 15751865228

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