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High Efficiency 435W Solar Panel Monocrystalline Solar Panels Half Cell Solar Panel Kit For Homes 430W 425W 420W 415W
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High Efficiency 435W Solar Panel Monocrystalline Solar Panels Half Cell Solar Panel Kit For Homes 430W 425W 420W 415W

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  • GKA182N108S



Maximum Power(Pmax) 430W 435W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 39.04V 39.27V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 14.10A 14.17A
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) 32.65V 32.85A
Current at Maximum Power(Impp) 13.17A 13.24A
Module Efficiency STC(%) 22.02% 22.28%
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature  45°C+2°C
Temperature Coefficients of Pmax -0.30%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Voc -0.25%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Isc -0.046%/°C

GKA182N108 415W-435W_00



The high productivity 435W Sunlight based charger is a first in class monocrystalline sun powered charger that is intended to give most extreme power result to your home.

With its half cell innovation, this sunlight based charger can create greater power even in low light circumstances. This implies that you can outfit more sun oriented energy and diminish your dependence on customary power sources.

The pack incorporates every one of the fundamental parts for simple establishment, pursuing it a helpful decision for property holders. The boards are furnished with a cutting edge MES framework that records each step of the creation interaction, guaranteeing that each board satisfies thorough quality guidelines.

Our severe quality control estimates ensure that each sunlight based charger is entirely checked at each step of the creation interaction, guaranteeing that it is consistent with industry guidelines. We invest heavily in conveying sunlight based chargers that are productive as well as sturdy and dependable.

Moreover, we give extraordinary consideration to the outer layer of each sunlight powered charger, guaranteeing that it is finished, clean, and liberated from any deformities. This fastidious tender loving care guarantees that you get a sunlight powered charger that performs ideally and looks stylishly satisfying.

Putting resources into our high effectiveness 435W Sunlight powered charger Monocrystalline Sunlight based chargers Half Cell Sunlight powered charger Unit for Homes is a brilliant decision for mortgage holders who need to saddle the force of the sun and decrease their carbon impression. With its proficient grade quality and trend setting innovation, this sun powered charger unit is a solid and reasonable answer for your energy needs.

Our Advantages  

Our Gamko New Energy is a manufacturer of solar panel of 2GW per year, make 5-710W solar panels for perc, HJT, N-type, Top-con, all black, bificial and etc... 

We promise:12 years Warranty and 30 years Life cycle.


The bom of our solar modules is also available.

QC System

  •  Each step of the production process will be recorder and included in the MES system. Strict check every step is rigorous and compliant.

  •  Make sure that the surface of each solar panel is complete, clean and correct.

  • Ensure no micro crack monitoring before final inspection, continuous line monitoring and video/ photo record for each cell and panel.

  • Simulate the real sunlight and test the voltage and current of each solar panel to ensure the efficiency of each solar panels.

In conclusion, I want to prove to you, that we are a most reliable one in terms of quality, capability, and service. If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so. Hope we can build good cooperation with you



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