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6kw solar system use mppt solar charge controller
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6kw solar system use mppt solar charge controller

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  • MPPT 60825


Product Name

6kw solar system use mppt solar charge controller


Product picture



Easy to operate, Chinese and English display can be freely switched.

Three drive charging, higher frequency, more stable charging, extend battery life.

Software intelligent charge and discharge system control to avoid battery overcharge and overdischarge damage.

The large display displays the working status directly.

The connection of "Taiyun" can realize the mobile phone to monitor the various states of the machine.

High tracking efficiency, high conversion efficiency.

With input and output reverse connection protection function, to avoid customer reverse damage.

Automatically ADAPTS to system battery voltage.


Data sheet


MPPT 60825

System voltage


Rated current


Charging mode

MPPT maximum power point tracking

Applicable battery type

Sealed maintention-free lead-acid battery (default), colloidal lead-acid battery, open lead-acid battery (can also customize parameters for other types of battery charging)

Charging mode

Three stages: constant current, constant pressure, floating charge


DC250V(minimum temperature)

DC230V (25standard temperature)

Start-up time


Dynamic response recovery time


Static power consumption


Tracking efficiency


Maximum conversion efficiency


The system identifies voltage ranges


Photovoltaic input voltage

Battery voltage+5V250V

Rated charging power


Size (mm)


Net weight(KG)







Our Services:

 -OEM Welcomed

 -Warranty: 30 Years

 -Certifications can be supported

 -Sample for testing is supported

 -After-Sale Service: 24 Hour-Hot Line for Consultancy and Technical Support

Delivery time: 15 working days after receiving payment for one container


Q1:We like to buy your panels, cause the price is good, but the price is not most important, I don't like to buy the trash, how do I know your solar panel have a good quality, everybody say they are A grade panels, how I can trust you?

A:Firstly, we make new panels not stock panel, we will providing the flash test report,Series number, Power rates , voltage, current all mentioned on the flash test report for individual solar panel, The stock panel have no any database. You don't know if they are defective or broken panels. But its not enough. Please ask Gamko provide the flash test photo and EL photo for each panel.


Q2:I am also worry about my payment safe, How can you guarantee me 100% payment security?

A:if you do worry about the payment safety so either I, lets do "Alibaba Trade Assurance Payment" for both safety.

Q3:How To Ask for Support if product failure in warranty?

A:1. Email us about the PI number, serial number, product S/N number, PCB board number most importantly, is the description of failure products on the condition that it is operated correctly, to the best, show us more detailed pictures or video.

2. We will submit your case to our after-sales department to satisfy your demand. However, we believe our quality, and I believe if any quality problem, you can get the refund from our company directly.

3. Usually, within 24 hours, we will email you the best solutions.



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