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500W Solar Houseusing Optimizer Eliminaton Solar System
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500W Solar Houseusing Optimizer Eliminaton Solar System

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  • Honeybee 850


GNE Product Specification & Solution (202211)_05  


This user manual is used to install and maintain power optimizer models Honeybee 350/400, Honeybee

700/800, PV monitor model Scouter350/450 and data processing devices. uNo permission to disassemble and repair the products

to ensure the safety of personnel. For services, please look for trained or qualified professionals. uBefore installing and using the power optimizers, please familiarize yourself with all the tips and warnings on the products, as well as the safety instructions and

other applicable safety guidelines in the inverter manual and the PV module installation instructions. uTo reduce the risk of fire and electric shock, install the power optimizers in strict accordance with local electrical standards and codes. uIns ta l l a tion mus t be performed by a 

trained professional. GNE is not liable for any loss or damage caused by improper operation, discomfort or misuse of these products.

Before installing the optimization and monitoring products, please remove all metal accessories that you wear to reduce the risk of touching live circuits. It is strictly forbidden to install and debug in bad weather. uDo not operate if the GNE products can be physically damaged. Check existing cables and connectors to ensure they are in good condition and status. Do not operate the cables and connectors of GNE products if

they are damaged or unqualified. uDo not connect or di sconnect the GNE power optimizers and montoring products under load. There

is also a risk of electric shock when shutting down the inverter or the GNE products. After disconnecting all power supplies, the capacitor inside the inverter can continue to charge for a few minutes. Before measuring the line, first measure the voltage at the inverter and

confirm that the capacitor is no longer charged. uBefore the GNE customer service personnel provide services, please make sure that the data aggregation device Beehive is powered on and the internet is fine, and optimizers work in power-on status, then check the

current, voltage and power of the PV series.



Description: When all the inputs of the optimizers are connected to the output of the PV junction boxes, the outputs of the optimizers are connected in series. Correct operation: Connect the outputs of the optimizers in the same direction to ensure that the last two ends of the string are the positive and negative two-pole interfaces, not the same-pole interface  .




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